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August 28, 2014

Toby Keith Makes Jimmy Fallon's Ultimate Truck Playlist Four Times Over

Jimmy Fallon Wants a New Truck Recap Reel

ALS Ice Buckett Challenge Completed on Home Town Field

Singer-songwriter, entertainer and perennial truck-man Toby Keith makes one of the strongest showings on the official Tonight Show Truck Playlist, which was unveiled last week. A mix of favorite songs hand-picked by host Jimmy Fallon and suggestions from Tonight Show fans, four of Toby's No. 1 singles were chosen: "American Ride," "How Do you Like Me Now," "Red Solo Cup," and "Who's Your Daddy." The entire 57-track playlist that Fallon listens to in his new truck can be heard on iHeartRadio or through Spotify.

It all started when, early this year, Fallon proclaimed on his show that he wanted to buy a truck. But not knowing that much about the vehicle he called out for people to tweet him information. Keith, a third-generation Ford truck owner, heeded Fallon's request tweeting, "Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses, and a @Ford for @jimmyfallon." On a broadcast a few weeks later the late night host bought his Ford F-150 King Ranch truck and received a congratulatory video and song from Keith.

Jimmy Fallon Wants a New Truck Recap Reel Jimmy Fallon Wants a New Truck Recap Reel The latest video that Toby Keith has starred in was to help build awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease. Challenged by about 60 other people, Keith completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during a recent University of Oklahoma football practice in Norman, Oklahoma with former University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys football coach Barry Switzer and University of Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione. View the video here:

Currently on his Shut Up And Hold On Tour Presented by Ford F-Series, Keith recently sold out the Minnesota State Fair with the Minnesota Star Tribune noting "it was undeniably fun...," while the Pittsburgh Post Gazette headlined "Toby Keith show lives up to expectations," in its review of that area's sold out show. The tour continues hitting Indianapolis, IN next on September 13. The trek includes support from Colt Ford and Keith's daughter Krystal Keith.

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