August 28, 2012

Fan Club Party Fun!

Time to get your Creativity Mojo Workin'!

We had so much fun with our "Trailerhood" Centerpiece contest in 2010 that we thought we'd try it again for the fan club party this year in West Palm Beach.


This year's fan club party theme is "Red Solo Cup".  We invite you to design and construct a centerpiece showcasing your creative talent with the little red plastic receptacle!  The dimensions need to be no larger than 12" long X 12" wide X 12" high (so people can see over them!) and need to be brought with you to the party that morning.  Make sure you have labeled the bottom of the centerpiece with your name and hometown.  We will be waiting by the door to accept your centerpieces between 9am and 10am.  Centerpieces arriving after the 10am cut-off will be displayed, but not included in the judging.  Judging will take place shortly before the doors open at 11am and the winning centerpieces will be at tables reserved for the fan club member who designed them.  The remainder of the centerpieces will be displayed on the other tables.  Please note these times may have to be adjusted if we experience inclement weather like we did at the Chicago party, and need to open the doors early.  If this is the case, we will make every effort to include all creations in our judging, but cannot guarantee later arrivals will be included if the safety of Toby's fans deem it necessary to open the doors early. 


Speaking of winning - did we mention there will be prizes?


Besides sitting at tables that will be up close to the stage where Toby will talk with us, we will be awarding the following:


Grand Prize -  2 Pit Passes, 2 Meet and Greets, and 1 Autographed RSC
2nd:  2 Meet and Greet Passes and 1 Autographed RSC 
3rd:  1 Meet and Greet Pass and 1 Autographed RSC
Honorable Mention:  1 Autographed RSC


If a few of you get together to create a centerpiece, please note the prizes listed above will be awarded to the one fan club member whose name is on the centerpiece.  Duplicate prizes will not be awarded.


So, get your creative minds in gear!  We're really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with this year!


See you in West Palm Beach! team

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